Urban Defense Course

“Urban Defense Course” is specifically designed for those who want to increase their personal security awareness and firearms training for the home and in urban environments. Make the decision yourself which firearm is best suited in your own home and every day carry. Students will have the opportunity to fire different types of weapons to determine which platform is best suited for their personal needs. Live fire drills will be conducted on a flat range and from inside and around vehicles. Common furniture and barricades in the home, workplace, restaurants and convenience stores will be incorporated to add realism to the training. Learn first-hand the capabilities and limitations of the different weapons systems when fired through typical barriers found in the urban environment such as windshield glass, car doors, walls and doors.

Women’s Only Handgun Training

“Women’s Only Handgun Course” is offered to women who want to develop their firearms skills in an environment of their choosing.  These courses are tailored specifically for the client.  Contact us for details and pricing.

Carrying a Concealed Handgun

“Carrying a Concealed Handgun” course is a one-day handgun course designed for the individual who carries or intends to carry a concealed weapon on a regular basis. The student will use various cover garments to practice drawing their weapon to engage targets from the standing, sitting, kneeling and ‘relative prone’ positions.

*This class does meet the requirements for Virginia and WV concealed carry permit.

Private Training

“Private Training” is offered to men and women who want specific types of training that fit their schedules and abilities. This training is developed exclusively for the client. Contact us for details and pricing.

The round count will vary by class length and by the individual shooter.  We recommend that everyone bring 500 rounds of ammunition for each full day of training.  As experienced instructors we recognize that for some people new to shooting firing 300 – 400 rounds of ammunition in a single day may be sufficient.   For those who want more live fire practice there will be opportunities to do so.