Defender Tactical offers a host of half-day, full-day and two-day training courses to provide our clients with the ability to attend classes that not only suit their personal needs but busy schedules as well. Private instruction is also available for individuals or very small groups.

Classes are presented in a building block approach. They are designed so they can stand alone or be taken in conjunction with more advanced classes. It’s up to the client how far they want to take their training. The round count will vary by class length and by the individual shooter. We recommend that the student bring 500 rounds of ammunition for each full day of training. As experienced instructors we recognize that for some people new to shooting firing 300 – 400 rounds of ammunition in a single day may be sufficient. For those who want more live fire practice there will be opportunities to do so.

In addition to live fire training classes we also offer classes for a certificate of training to obtain a CCW permit for Virginia or West Virginia. Training may be scheduled by the client. Please call or email for details. Cost is $75.

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